Zinum :Product & Solutions

Our networks are designed to provide specialist Product & solutions and services to meet the peculiar needs for the organizations in the following areas:

Power Energy

Our Services We deal in a wide range of energy technologies including offshore and onshore wind, solar, energy storage,transmission,and distribution.      a.Mobility Battery Charger

Smart City

a.Camera Security
b.Solar Installation
c.Solar Street Light
d.Lo-Ion Battery
e.Smart Poles
f.Environmental Sensors
g.Variable Messaging Display

Telecom Solution

a. CRM Back Office Solutions for customer Portfolia Management
b. VAS Integration
c. E-Commerce Portal Development

Banking Solution
1. Channels:
a. Web Portal    b. Mobile
c. Bio-metric    d. POS
e. ATM    f. IVRS
2. Payment Solution :
a. Payment Processing Engine
b. CRM interface
c. Fraud Detection
d. Prepaid Adapter
3. Credit Processors :
a. Visa Master Card
b. 3rd Party Processors

Contact Center Solution

ERP Solution

BigData Analytics

Online Bus Booking

Video Conferencing System

SAAS Payment Platform -
Retail Market / Food & Beverage