Zinum :Corporate & Government Sector

Zinum Corporate & Government Sector is a progressive locally owned and independent, rural merchandise business servicing in Nigeria and West Africa.

Our Associate PATWILBLE (PWB), :

PATWILBLE (PWB), was incorporated in 2010 to engage in turnkey projects for Energy, Software Solutions, Corporate & Government Sector as a Limited Liability Company. Exports and Government contracting services are also main functions. Since incorporation PWB has been actively involved in major partnership for the local dedicated lanes for buses in Lagos. Presently is already in talks to see how to be part of the Yellow bus replacement initiative by the current state government. The company is in the fore front on the drive for commodity trading and exports. The Management of the company are also variously involved in business projects which has so far been rewarding and successful.

Core Objectives : To be the number one independent reseller of choice to our clients by continuing to provide superior service and quality products to support their profitability.



Our networks are designed to provide specialist solutions and services to meet the peculiar needs of government and public services organisations in the following areas:

Project Management


Government Projects

Energy and General Services

Digital transformation

Water Treatment Plant

Infrastructure: Drainage & General Construction